From Roundhouse to Roundhouse

Reclaimed Timber from Mount Gambier to be used at Peterborough

Having stood for almost 100 years, the Peterborough Roundhouse has seen its fair share of wild weather and shunting trains. As a result, some large columns and beams need replacing. 

Based on historical records, we know that the original timbers are West Australian Jarrah. Unfortunately, it is now hard to find West Australian Jarrah timbers in the sizes that we need – over 6m and 8m long. Nevertheless, the Mount Gambier Branch of National Trust SA had a solution, suggesting that timbers could be reclaimed from the former Mount Gambier Roundhouse.

Demolished several years ago after a fire damaged part of the structure, the Mount Gambier Roundhouse was constructed from the same plan as the Peterborough Roundhouse. In June 2021, National Trust SA approached the City Council of Mount Gambier for permission to use some of the salvaged timber beams in Peterborough. Much to our delight, the City Council of Mount Gambier agreed and have been very generous, donating as much timber as required to the project.

Pictured from left to right: James Wilson (Building Services Divisional Manager, McMahon Services), Mike Adler (Project Manager, McMahon Services), and Peter Fosdike (Project Manager, Conservation Works, National Trust SA) onsite at the Peterborough Roundhouse