Places in Cases Schools Program

Recently, students from St. Joseph’s School Peterborough worked alongside Helen Lawry, from the National Trust, to produce mini museum displays using repurposed travelling cases. 

In small groups, students were invited to choose a historic image of Peterborough to ‘squeeze’. ‘Squeezing’ an image requires students to ask questions about what they can see in the picture, as well as what they might imagine was happening in real life. 

Using the answers to their questions as a starting point, students were tasked with filling their travelling cases with physical items related to their chosen image. In response, students collected jars containing local smells and pieces of the environment, sourced scraps of material, and created model typewriters, bikes, and figurine people.

The Places in Cases program has been tremendous fun for all involved. Positively, it has also encouraged young community members to consider their town’s history in a new and interesting light. Over the coming months, we hope to offer more schools in the region the opportunity to get involved with this program.

Watch out for a display of Places in Cases coming soon!