Peterborough Roundhouse Works Update

Since beginning in December 2021, works at the Peterborough Roundhouse have been progressing well. At this stage, it is expected that the entire works schedule will be completed before Easter. 

The site is now free from asbestos, following the removal of 45 tonnes of material. Largely comprised of roof sheeting, this material was disposed of at a local licenced facility provided by the District Council of Peterborough. 

Over the coming weeks, McMahon Services will be engaged in a variety of timber repair works. Damaged beams and columns will be replaced with reclaimed timber, made available to the project by both the City Council of Mount Gambier and the District Council of Peterborough. As pictured, some of this timber has already been milled into shape ready for use. 

Shortly, a new project display space will be established within the Visitor Information Centre at Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre. This space will include information on both the Silver to Sea Way project and the works occurring at the Roundhouse, as well as a selection of ‘Places in Cases’ displays produced by students from St Joseph’s School Peterborough.