Peterborough Roundhouse

A regional economic revitalisation initiative through community-led heritage regeneration.

Following several months of hard work, the Peterborough Roundhouse – the largest railway roundhouse in the southern hemisphere – is back open for business.

Over four months, local companies, including McMahon Services and Jamestown Engineering, rendered the site free of asbestos and carried out critical timber and steel repair works.

In a clever repurposing initiative, many of the damaged beams and columns were replaced with reclaimed timbers from the Mount Gambier Roundhouse, donated to the project by the City Council of Mount Gambier. 

The completion of these works is timely, as the Peterborough Roundhouse is soon to celebrate it’s 100th birthday.

Construction began on the Roundhouse in 1924, under the orders of William Alfred Webb, Chief Commissioner of the South Australian Railways. The original layout featured 23 stalls serviced by an 87ft turntable. However, in the late 1960s, four stalls were demolished to make may way for a diesel shed.

Today, the Peterborough Roundhouse stands proud once more – ready for another 100 years of service at the heart of a new tourism journey linking past, present and future.